The Adventures of Ty and Kate: Montana Edition

“Love is the most important thing in the world, but baseball is pretty good too.”

Ty and Kate take on season #2 in Great Falls, Montana! No matter where Tyler ends up each season, it is a goal of ours to make it an adventure.

Montana: (According to Wikipedia) “Montana has several nicknames, although none official, including “Big Sky Country” and “The Treasure State”, and slogans that include “Land of the Shining Mountains” and more recently “The Last Best Place”. Montana has a 545-mile (877 km) border with three Canadian provinces: British Columbia, Alberta, and Saskatchewan, the only state to do so. It also borders North Dakota and South Dakota to the east, Wyoming to the south, and Idaho to the west and southwest. Montana is ranked 4th in size, but 44th in population and 48th in population density of the 50 United States.”

When Tyler told me he was going to be with the Chicago White Sox this year but with one of their teams in Montana I had to google if there was anything interesting about that state. I certainly didn’t think their was, BUT it has been surprising to me. I actually really liked it. To most people I’m a big city Dallas girl, but I also love a slower paced life…at least for a few days at a time.  One perk of being a flight attendant is I am on the go constantly for 4-6 days and then I get to do whatever I want the next 2-3 days. During baseball season this means I get to chase Tyler around the country. Last week I went to Montana for the first time and I fell in love. Great Falls is a cute little town with a slower paced life and full of friendly people. During the summer, it stays light until about 10:30 pm which for a now is great, but I’m not sure I could handle the opposite in the winter. The good news is, I won’t be there in winter!

Last time I visited we went to Giant Springs State Park. It was beautiful and the story behind it all is really interesting so google it. I already gave you your fun facts about Montana for the day. Of course I went to some of the Great Falls Voyagers baseball games as well! I am so lucky to have someone that loves adventure just as much as I do. I don’t think this lifestyle is possible without two people who will do anything to make it work but I am truly blessed. I love my life and wouldn’t trade it for anything!!

I had so much fun and I am on my way back right now so be sure to check in soon for another update. Tyler actually has a day off this time so stay tuned to find out how we made Montana an adventure again!

“Joy is a decision, a really brave one, about how you’re going to respond to life” -Unknown

Life hardly ever goes as planned; No one get everything they want, and there are probably  25 different variations and revisions of your life plans. I know I have changed my path many, many, many times. I have learned no matter the setback or plot twist of life, it was always finding the bright side that brought me so much more joy. The more joy you can find, the more joy you can spread. Now don’t get me wrong, it took many years for me to learn this but since I have, it has been life changing.

Looking on the bright side of every situation can be challenging but once accomplished, it the most satisfying feeling. If your having a bad morning finding joy can mean simply making a cup of your favorite coffee. If you have a falling out with a friend, then you have an even better opportunity to go make new friends. Your ice cream melted? Well guess what, that just saved you the calories. Your family is moving across the country and you have to leave everything you know behind? I guess its time for a new adventure for you and it sounds like its time for you to learn about a different part of the country and gain even more knowledge to become a more well rounded person. There is always joy to be found no matter the situation.

I recently lost someone special to me and even in this time of immense sadness, finding joy helped. Surrounding myself with those who were seeking joy as well, finding joy in the memories we all shared with him, finding joy in all the things he loved, and finding joy in the fact that he is looking down on us from an even better place. The times that feel as though there is no joy is when finding joy is so important.  Finding joy in times of change or sorrow is hard, but in reality that is when it is most important. Change never stops but that means you always have more adventures awaiting you.

“live beyond “what if” and find joy in “what is””. Being grateful for what you have brings joy. Be thankful for those you love, be thankful for the things you have, and stop obsessing over what you don’t have. Live in the moment and appreciate every blessing that has come your way because in doing so, joy comes naturally.

I challenge myself everyday to choose joy and my life has truly changed for the better since I have been doing so. Surrounding myself with like minded people inspires me every single day to be a happy and joyful person. Thank you to all those who have taught me that no matter how good or bad the situation is, there is always thanks to be given and joy to be found.





The Facts of Life… Kaitlyn’s life!

The facts of life…. At least my life. Get ready for a list of some of my faves and just simple raw unedited facts about me. I wanted to let everyone get to know me and some of the weird, fun, interesting things about my life!!

1.Favorite TV show-

I have a few different types of favorite TV shows. My reality TV favorite show would be “Dancing with the Stars”. It is a dream of mine to be on that show and have Max or Derek as my partner… actually, Isn’t that every girls dream? One of my other favorite TV shows that I don’t get to watch as often is “Gilligan’s Island”. I know its old and the special effects are really bad, but my dad and I used to watch it all the time together so I grew to love it.. except the first season that is in B&W. I don’t like black and white TV.

2. Favorite Movie-

My all time favorite movie would have to be “The Proposal” with Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock. No matter how many times I watch it, it will never get old!

3. Favorite Candy-

I love Mike&Ikes!! Again, another thing my dad and I used to do together. Growing up, he traveled a lot but he drove a company car. I learned to always look in the glove box for treats and every time there was Mike&Ikes in there! Sweet, chewy, fruity, goodness!

4. Random Fun Fact-

I’m ambidextrous! This means I can do many things with both my left and right hand. I was a Lefty in gymnastics but I write with my right hand. This comes in handy in college or anything really because I can type with my left hand and write with my right hand pretty much at the same time. I can bat with either hand, play mini golf with either hand, and many other things with both sides. I’m also good with babies because I can feed them with my right hand and eat with my left at the same time!

5. Pets-

I have two adorable, yet furry rescue Huskies. One is named Demon (from the movie “Snow Dogs”) and the other is named Nadia. Huskies have the best personalities out of any dog that I have ever come in contact with. They are sneaky, very smart, funny, mischievous, and the most loving dogs. The constant shedding is a little much, but I wouldn’t trade their fibers of love if it meant losing them.

6. Favorite sports team-

I love the Denver Broncos! I was born in Colorado, and all of my mom’s side of the family lives there so I have always loved them. I always have and always will. I have also recently become a fan of the Chicago White Sox. My boyfriend Tyler is one of the Strength and Conditioning coaches in the organization so I was a forced White Sox fan, But no one really had to try to hard for me to become a fan. I will always support Tyler in his dreams so it doesn’t really matter what team that is with.

7. Favorite social media outlet-

Pictures speak a thousand words. I love love love instagram! I like to keep up with my friends and family all over the world as well as follow amazing/ inspiring people all over the world. If social media is used in a positive way, it can be an incredible thing.

8. Dream car-  

A white Range Rover!

9. Dream Job-

My absolute dream job only last one year….. Being Miss America! This is the best job anyone could ever have and what girl wouldn’t want to be Miss America?! The connections that you make and the people you get to make an impact on is simply incredible. My second dream job would be to become a Captain and fly the international routes for a major airline. I love to travel and I have always been fascinated with flying, so why not make it a career and get paid to do what you love?

10. If I could have any super power what would it be?

-If I could have any super power it would be to know and be able to speak every language in the world. I love to travel and explore new places and cultures, so that would be easier if I knew every language in the world. One thing that is universal is a smile, so until I have my superpower, I will just keep on smiling.

11. Favorite kind of shoe

-My favorite kind of shoe is a good pair of pair of heels. Any kind of heel!! A pair of good shoes can make a whole outfit.

12. The last thing I ate

-Since we are so close to Miss Texas, if you ask me this anytime the answer is probably chicken. I have a diet full of protein and vegetables right now. This is hard for someone who usually eats like a 5 year old but I can make it work!

13. Bungee jumping or sky diving?

-I want to do both! I haven’t done either yet, but they are on my bucket list. I have always loved getting my adrenaline going so both of these will be done some day.

14. Siblings?

-I have two amazing brothers. Jonathan who is 27 and Nicholas who is 18. I like being the middle child. I had that older brother to protect me and I also had the younger brother that turned into my best friend. John served in the US Navy for 7 years and is now married to Amanda, and Nick is currently serving in the Navy as well. Both of these men mean the world to me and I’m so proud to be their sister.

15.  Ideal date-

“April 25th, Because its not to hot and its not to cold; all you need is a light jacket” – Miss Congeniality


Now you know a few more things about Kaitlyn! Hopefully you learned something new. Check back in soon to read about my life as Miss Frisco 2017!




To the man who told me I would never be anything,

I spent years of my life trying to prove to you that I was good enough, I could do it, I wasn’t going to give up, but one day I decided the best thing to do was give up on you. Spending 30 hours a week in the gym being told “you should ride the short bus” “Are you stupid” ‘You will never be anything” and coming home with hand print bruises on my leg was what I thought to be normal. Being yelled and screamed at on a daily basis for showing any emotion or doing anything that you thought was wrong. Mental and physical abuse at 8 years old was something I never dreamed of or wanted to talk about. At 8 years old this was unacceptable but to me, I knew nothing else. I saw him doing this to other girls my age, so I never said a thing.

Looking back now, you are by far one of my least favorite people but also my biggest motivation, to prove you wrong! I will be something in life. I will accomplish my biggest dreams just so you can see me succeed in a way you never thought I would.

Thank you for teaching me that because someone tells me I cant, I will. Teaching me to turn that can’t into can. Thank you for dragging me through the mud, only to defy you and learn just how strong I am. For teaching me that its ok to express myself and show emotion. Thank you for helping me become the women I’m so proud to be today, even if it came out of the nightmare that is you.


A much stronger women IMG_8290

The Adventures of Ty & Kate


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“I’ve fallen in love with adventure, so I begin to wonder if that is why I have fallen for you?”

Ever wonder how two people find each other; fate, luck, accident? Whatever it is, I’m not going to question it because these adventures have created memories of a lifetime. I have never met someone that supports all my crazy ideas (other than my family, But they have to) like him. Who is him? Well ladies and gentleman, let me introduce you to the one and only…my one and only, Tyler!

When he came into my life, I never expected it to turn into what it has. I didn’t ever think anyone would be able to keep up with me, my crazy schedule, my crazy ideas, and my love of adventure, but he certainly has. I never imagined finding someone that could keep up with me while challenging me at the same time. I always knew I needed someone outgoing, funny, caring, competitive, athletic (and of course the list goes on as every girls list does) but to find someone that really bring out the best of you 99% of the time is so special. I’m not going to write some gushy love post about how much I love this man, how perfect our life is and how much of a fairy tale relationship we have, this is going to be a real inside look into our lives; the good times and the tougher times but mostly the funny stories I have from all of our adventures.

Tyler and I both have our own adventures as well as our adventures together. The key is to be good individuals with lives of our own but be a great couple that can intertwine those lives. Tyler works in professional baseball and if you have not read my other posts, you should because I’m not rewriting everything I do or this article would be 10 pages but to summarize, I have Miss Texas, I work as a Flight Attendant, I have this blog, and I go to school. Working in professional baseball means you live in at least 2 states every year and pretty much any relationship you have with anyone gets put on hold during season. Family, friends, girlfriends and everyone else comes second to your team, but this was his dream job so who am I to be selfish and hold him back? Its certainly an amazing job and makes for one crazy adventure. Both of us have very busy lives but putting in the extra effort has truly made a huge difference in our relationship. Last year I got to go to spring training and experience Phoenix for the first time; I fell in love with that city. Then I got to go to Utah where he lived for a few months and experience that new adventure too. We have been to at least 7 different states in the past year so the Adventures of Ty and Kate are endless. This season Tyler was offered a new job with the Chicago White Sox, so off to another new adventure! Long distance is hard but he supports my dreams just as much as I support his. We made it work last year and honestly, it made me appreciate him more when he is home; so I guess as much as I don’t like it, It is good for us.

To find someone that makes everything an adventure is exactly what I needed. No matter if its going to get ice cream at 10:00 at night or actually traveling across the country, I’m always down for a new story to tell. I wouldn’t want anyone else as my adventure partner, comedian, nurse, therapist, and the Ty to my Kate. We are always learning as we go so keep checking back into my blog to hear more Adventures of Ty and Kate!!


In August of 2016 I decided that I wanted to embark on another new adventure. November 2016, that journey began. I accepted a job in the airline industry as a flight Attendant and what a journey it has been.

Not many people realize what the job of being a Flight Attendant really is. I was one of those people. I guess I just never paid attention to the weird hours and all the behind the scenes things they had to do. In my head, Flight Attendants had a glamorous life, traveling the world, and getting to experience new cultures….well I was wrong. Working for a regional airline, I have gotten to spend a lot of time in little cities all across the southern and mid parts of the US. From Killeen, TX to Memphis,TN to Fort Wayne, IN to San Louis Potosi, Mexico. Yes I have gotten to travel a lot and experience cities  never would have before, but not what people would expect. Wake up calls at 3am or working till 11pm, sitting in the crew room on reserve for hours not getting called to any flights, getting called on a day you have plans because again you are on reserve, and everything in between all because you want to experience something new. To me this job was a way to help pay for the rest of my school, get some freedom and start what my brother and I like to call “adulting”. I also wanted to have a new experience that one day I can tell my future kids it was one of the best experiences of my life.

Don’t get me wrong, all those challenges that I wrote above don’t overpower all the positives of this job, so this next part we are going to call reasons why I love my job and will continue to embrace the challenges that come with the new adventure! I have a lot more reasons but we are just going to start with these in this blog post. You will have to check back in later to my “Confessions of a Reserve Flight Attendant” for more inside scoop of a flight attendant.

To start, I have amazing travel benefits that my family and boyfriend are loving!! I have already used them multiple times for quick weekend getaways and family trips to see my little brother graduate from the Navy Basic Training up in Great Lakes, Illinois. Another great thing is I don’t have to sit in the same office everyday from 9-5. My view is constantly changing and I work with new people on a regular basis. I have met some of the most amazing and inspiring people on the planes. If you take the time to talk to the passengers, they all have great stories that can usually impact your life in some way. Another great benefit that not many people think of is I get to prove to people that being a Flight Attendant isn’t just a glorified waitress in the sky. During training, we take a lot of time to prepare for emergencies and medical situations. We always pray that these don’t happen but in case they do, wouldn’t you like us to know what to do?

Like I said these are just a few reasons and an intro to a later post on some of the inside scoop on what it’s really like being a flight attendant. For now this is it! I’m off again… stay tuned!!


“This is my life…my story…my book. I will no longer let anyone else write it; Nor will I apologize for the edits I make.” -Steve Maraboli

Hey Y’all!! I’m so excited to begin this new adventure of blogging to go along with my new path in life. I want you all to get to know me a little bit first so you can feel like your joining me on this journey on a more personal level.

I find myself asking where to even begin, but I guess from the beginning since my life has always been a little bit different from most. Every event in my life, every path, and every person along the way has made me who I am. If I leave any big part of my life out, it will be an incomplete puzzle. Hang in there, I know this is going to be long but its all going to get to the point of where I am now.

I was born in Colorado to two amazing parents, Tim and Gini Ayrton, and I was going to be the new little sister to one lucky boy. Seems pretty normal right? Well not too long after I was born, my family packed up and moved to Washington to begin a new adventure. Now it was my turn to become the big sibling to a new addition to the family. Yes I am the girl squished in between two boys, John and Nick.  Once again, about 2 years later my family packed up and headed off to the other side of the country; This time Georgia. Georgia is the first place that I have full memories of events that happened. I started preschool here, I started competitive gymnastics here, learned to roller blade in the unfinished basement of our house, a lot of firsts where in Georgia. This was what my family thought was going to be home… until my dad got transferred again. Off to Texas we went! When we moved to Texas, never did I think we would live here this long, or that I would become a southern girl, or that it would help fuel my adventurous spirit and determination to travel the world. When I was 8 years old I started gymnastics at World Olympic Gymnastics Academy now known as WOGA. I trained alongside many very high level gymnast including Nastia Liukin. Most of the coaches I have had in my lifetime have been Russian. Strict, vodka smelling Russians. After one very mentally abusive coach I then changed to the best coach I have ever had. He was from Brazil and even though he could still be strict he was never mentally tearing you down. The sad part is after years of being told very negative things about yourself it takes a lot of time to get over those and believe in yourself again. To this day I know some of my personality traits are altered because of this but I am by far the happiest I have ever been in my life right now. After high school I attended the University of Arkansas! WOO PIG SOOIE! I fell in love with the city of Fayetteville and all there is to do there. When I was at Arkansas, I decided that I wanted to compete in the Miss America system. I won my first title of Miss White Settlement (it is a city west of Fort Worth) in 2015. I competed at Miss Texas in July and couldn’t of asked for a better first year. I learned so much about myself and how to become a more polished and well rounded women. I also met some of my best friends. My amazing roommate Shannon Sanderford won Miss Texas that year, so now I can say one of my best friends is a former Miss Texas!  After that year at Miss Texas, all the contestants were given a scholarship to Wade College in Dallas. After thinking about it for a really long time, I decided to take the scholarship, move home, and begin a new adventure. I started at Wade in October of 2015 and in January of 2016 I was crowned Miss Grand Prairie. This title has been so amazing and given me so many opportunities. The city was so supportive and always wanted me out meeting new people and taking part in everything going on around the city. Again I competed at Miss Texas in July and I was blessed to be names peoples choice and make it into the top 12! I’m so thankful for my time in the Miss Texas system because it truly changed my life for the better.

One thing I always have to remember through any experience is the people that helped get me here. Some come and go but your family is always there. I can never thank my family enough for all the sacrifices they made for me and all the unconditional love and support  they have shown me through all my crazy adventures. I love you all!!!

WOW!! congrats on reading all of that because I know its long but you made it! Now you are all caught up on me and who I am. Hopefully now you can see the world through this blog with some background knowledge of who I am. I’m so excited to start this adventure!


XOXO- Kaitlyn

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