Going Gniadek

A tale as old as time, carrying on the tradition, 12/18/2020!

Hey Yall, its the future Gniadeks! In order for that first line to make sense to you, you probably need an explanation as to why I am using Disney quotes on our wedding page. Yes we are Disney fans but it really does have a deep meaning and special place in our hearts. Tyler and I will be the 4th generation to get married December 18th!

12/18/1919- My great grandparents on my moms dads side. (Keep up with that?)

12/18/1960- my grandparents ( Moms parents)

12/18/1993 – My Parents

12/18/2020 – Ty and Kate!

We look forward to sharing all things wedding planning and our love story with you! Stay tuned for more.


With Love,

The Future Gniadeks

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