Travel Addict

Travel is my all time favorite thing! If you are new around here, Hi my name is Kaitlyn and I am a travel addict. If you are not new around here then….. Hi, nice to see you again and I am still a travel addict.

Throughout this blog you will see a lot of travel but I have two different types of travel. The travel I do on my own while Tyler is in baseball season and then the Adventures of Ty and Kate travel while he is home. Most people view that as a disadvantage or a negative but I see it as the best of both worlds. I get to experience the world as a solo traveler and reach beyond my own comfort zones, I get to take girls trips with my mom, and then I also get to experience the world with him. It really does end up working out.

In this section you will find girls trip ideas, solo trip ideas, day trip ideas, and everything in between. Don’t know what to pack in a carry on? I got you! Don’t know what to see while you are there? I GOT YOU! Stay tuned for some fun ideas to inspire your next adventure!




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