“Joy is a decision, a really brave one, about how you’re going to respond to life” -Unknown

Life hardly ever goes as planned; No one get everything they want, and there are probably  25 different variations and revisions of your life plans. I know I have changed my path many, many, many times. I have learned no matter the setback or plot twist of life, it was always finding the bright side that brought me so much more joy. The more joy you can find, the more joy you can spread. Now don’t get me wrong, it took many years for me to learn this but since I have, it has been life changing.

Looking on the bright side of every situation can be challenging but once accomplished, it the most satisfying feeling. If your having a bad morning finding joy can mean simply making a cup of your favorite coffee. If you have a falling out with a friend, then you have an even better opportunity to go make new friends. Your ice cream melted? Well guess what, that just saved you the calories. Your family is moving across the country and you have to leave everything you know behind? I guess its time for a new adventure for you and it sounds like its time for you to learn about a different part of the country and gain even more knowledge to become a more well rounded person. There is always joy to be found no matter the situation.

I recently lost someone special to me and even in this time of immense sadness, finding joy helped. Surrounding myself with those who were seeking joy as well, finding joy in the memories we all shared with him, finding joy in all the things he loved, and finding joy in the fact that he is looking down on us from an even better place. The times that feel as though there is no joy is when finding joy is so important.  Finding joy in times of change or sorrow is hard, but in reality that is when it is most important. Change never stops but that means you always have more adventures awaiting you.

“Live beyond “what if” and find joy in “what is””. Being grateful for what you have brings joy. Be thankful for those you love, be thankful for the things you have, and stop obsessing over what you don’t have. Live in the moment and appreciate every blessing that has come your way because in doing so, joy comes naturally.

I challenge myself everyday to choose joy and my life has truly changed for the better since I have been doing so. Surrounding myself with like minded people inspires me every single day to be a happy and joyful person. Thank you to all those who have taught me that no matter how good or bad the situation is, there is always thanks to be given and joy to be found.






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