Meet Miles!

Hi, I’m Miles! My full name is really Miles Rolex Gniadek because my parents trusted me to be the watch dog of the house. I am so excited to finally officially meet you all. My mom and dad have been so busy with new adventures that this blog went on the back burner for a little while but wait no longer, they are back…Plus one! If you didn’t know, that plus one is me; the most important one of course.

Lets start with talking about me. I am a 2 year old rescue/ used/ knock off corgi mix. They rescued me in Phoenix, AZ and think I’m a Chigi (Corgi and Chihuahua)  or a Corgi Papillon mix. I don’t really know what any of that means, all I know is I am cute and I use that to my advantage. I love to lay on the couch, snuggle with humans, play with all my toys…. ohhhh I have LOTS of toys. Some squeak, some snort like pigs, some crinkle, some I just pull on that white stuff out, and all of them I like to hide under the bed when my parents try to get them. Wait I was supposed to be telling you about things I like….  back to other things I like to do besides toys, I like to look out the windows from the back of the couch and bark at people walking other dogs, I like to sit right under my parents in the kitchen just in case they drop something, I love walks and I’m a really good hiker even though I have pretty short legs… oh and I LOVE toys. Did I mention that already?

I love car rides and finding new adventures just like my parents! I am learning to be such a good boy and cant wait to share more story time with all my new friends. Come back soon!


Lots of Licks,



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