“This is my life…my story…my book. I will no longer let anyone else write it; Nor will I apologize for the edits I make.” -Steve Maraboli

Hey Y’all!! I’m so excited to begin this new adventure of blogging to go along with my new path in life. I want you all to get to know me a little bit first so you can feel like your joining me on this journey on a more personal level.

I find myself asking where to even begin, but I guess from the beginning since my life has always been a little bit different from most. Every event in my life, every path, and every person along the way has made me who I am. If I leave any big part of my life out, it will be an incomplete puzzle. Hang in there, I know this is going to be long but its all going to get to the point of where I am now.

I was born in Colorado to two amazing parents, Tim and Gini Ayrton, and I was going to be the new little sister to one lucky boy. Seems pretty normal right? Well not too long after I was born, my family packed up and moved to Washington to begin a new adventure. Now it was my turn to become the big sibling to a new addition to the family. Yes I am the girl squished in between two boys, John and Nick.  Once again, about 2 years later my family packed up and headed off to the other side of the country; This time Georgia. Georgia is the first place that I have full memories of events that happened. I started preschool here, I started competitive gymnastics here, learned to roller blade in the unfinished basement of our house, a lot of firsts where in Georgia. This was what my family thought was going to be home… until my dad got transferred again. Off to Texas we went! When we moved to Texas, never did I think we would live here this long, or that I would become a southern girl, or that it would help fuel my adventurous spirit and determination to travel the world. When I was 8 years old I started gymnastics at World Olympic Gymnastics Academy now known as WOGA. I trained alongside many very high level gymnast including Nastia Liukin. Most of the coaches I have had in my lifetime have been Russian. Strict, vodka smelling Russians. After one very mentally abusive coach I then changed to the best coach I have ever had. He was from Brazil and even though he could still be strict he was never mentally tearing you down. The sad part is after years of being told very negative things about yourself it takes a lot of time to get over those and believe in yourself again. To this day I know some of my personality traits are altered because of this but I am by far the happiest I have ever been in my life right now. After high school I attended the University of Arkansas! WOO PIG SOOIE! I fell in love with the city of Fayetteville and all there is to do there. When I was at Arkansas, I decided that I wanted to compete in the Miss America system. I won my first title of Miss White Settlement (it is a city west of Fort Worth) in 2015. I competed at Miss Texas in July and couldn’t of asked for a better first year. I learned so much about myself and how to become a more polished and well rounded women. I also met some of my best friends. My amazing roommate Shannon Sanderford won Miss Texas that year, so now I can say one of my best friends is a former Miss Texas!  After that year at Miss Texas, all the contestants were given a scholarship to Wade College in Dallas. After thinking about it for a really long time, I decided to take the scholarship, move home, and begin a new adventure. I started at Wade in October of 2015 and in January of 2016 I was crowned Miss Grand Prairie. This title has been so amazing and given me so many opportunities. The city was so supportive and always wanted me out meeting new people and taking part in everything going on around the city. Again I competed at Miss Texas in July and I was blessed to be names peoples choice and make it into the top 12! I’m so thankful for my time in the Miss Texas system because it truly changed my life for the better.

One thing I always have to remember through any experience is the people that helped get me here. Some come and go but your family is always there. I can never thank my family enough for all the sacrifices they made for me and all the unconditional love and support  they have shown me through all my crazy adventures. I love you all!!!

WOW!! congrats on reading all of that because I know its long but you made it! Now you are all caught up on me and who I am. Hopefully now you can see the world through this blog with some background knowledge of who I am. I’m so excited to start this adventure!


XOXO- Kaitlyn


2 Replies to ““This is my life…my story…my book. I will no longer let anyone else write it; Nor will I apologize for the edits I make.” -Steve Maraboli”

  1. Love you my beautiful cousin! I can’t wait to read more! Life is an adventure so
    Make it what u want!! Enjoy everyday! 😘😘


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