The Adventures of Ty & Kate


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“I’ve fallen in love with adventure, so I begin to wonder if that is why I have fallen for you?”

Ever wonder how two people find each other; fate, luck, accident? Whatever it is, I’m not going to question it because these adventures have created memories of a lifetime. I have never met someone that supports all my crazy ideas (other than my family, But they have to) like him. Who is him? Well ladies and gentleman, let me introduce you to the one and only…my one and only, Tyler!

When he came into my life, I never expected it to turn into what it has. I didn’t ever think anyone would be able to keep up with me, my crazy schedule, my crazy ideas, and my love of adventure, but he certainly has. I never imagined finding someone that could keep up with me while challenging me at the same time. I always knew I needed someone outgoing, funny, caring, competitive, athletic (and of course the list goes on as every girls list does) but to find someone that really bring out the best of you 99% of the time is so special. I’m not going to write some gushy love post about how much I love this man, how perfect our life is and how much of a fairy tale relationship we have, this is going to be a real inside look into our lives; the good times and the tougher times but mostly the funny stories I have from all of our adventures.

Tyler and I both have our own adventures as well as our adventures together. The key is to be good individuals with lives of our own but be a great couple that can intertwine those lives. Tyler works in professional baseball and if you have not read my other posts, you should because I’m not rewriting everything I do or this article would be 10 pages but to summarize, I have Miss Texas, I work as a Flight Attendant, I have this blog, and I go to school. Working in professional baseball means you live in at least 2 states every year and pretty much any relationship you have with anyone gets put on hold during season. Family, friends, girlfriends and everyone else comes second to your team, but this was his dream job so who am I to be selfish and hold him back? Its certainly an amazing job and makes for one crazy adventure. Both of us have very busy lives but putting in the extra effort has truly made a huge difference in our relationship. Last year I got to go to spring training and experience Phoenix for the first time; I fell in love with that city. Then I got to go to Utah where he lived for a few months and experience that new adventure too. We have been to at least 7 different states in the past year so the Adventures of Ty and Kate are endless. This season Tyler was offered a new job with the Chicago White Sox, so off to another new adventure! Long distance is hard but he supports my dreams just as much as I support his. We made it work last year and honestly, it made me appreciate him more when he is home; so I guess as much as I don’t like it, It is good for us.

To find someone that makes everything an adventure is exactly what I needed. No matter if its going to get ice cream at 10:00 at night or actually traveling across the country, I’m always down for a new story to tell. I wouldn’t want anyone else as my adventure partner, comedian, nurse, therapist, and the Ty to my Kate. We are always learning as we go so keep checking back into my blog to hear more Adventures of Ty and Kate!!



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