The Proposal

It’s time for the proposal story!! Now not everyone loves a mushy gushy love story and I (Kaitlyn) am a fan of keeping things short so I’ll just get right to it.

I have to give a little back story to this first for this all to make sense. In April 2019 , I accepted a job in Denver with United Airlines. Now as many of you know, this is baseball season… which means Tyler had to stay in Phoenix. Back to long distance it was. We are pretty used to this now as it happens every summer but this one was just a tad bit harder. I had an inkling that he had already gotten my ring. No confirmations but I had a feeling that it was coming. Every weekend that I traveled back to Phoenix I had to be prepared for it to happen or be ok with it not happening…. THIS IS STRESSFUL!

Skip ahead a few months to June 1st, 2019. Tyler tells me that we are going to the lake in Prescott, AZ with a couple of friends on Saturday after he gets done with work.  Little did I know this was a lie. When the day comes, He tells me they have cancelled so he doesn’t care if we go or not anymore and leaves it up to me…. what if I said “never mind lets not go”? Besides the point….. I decided that we should still go so we packed up Miles (our dog) and off we went. An hour and a half later we arrive at the lake. Now I thought we were just going to pull up to the side of the lake in his truck and hangout, little did I know we were walking and hiking around this lake. My brand new white flip flops probably were not a good idea and I did make that very clear to him (Sorry Ty!!). We proceed to walk around and spot some bald eagles that have made Lynx Lake home. My first experience with these in the wild and on the day I get to say yes to my forever man?! How cool!! We try to find a spot to sit down but every time we do Tyler gets antsy and wants to move. Now looking back this should have been a sign considering he is the go with the flow person; but I now appreciate him wanting to find the perfect spot. We finally turn a corner and down below is a swampish looking area that has a beautiful view of the lake and a log to sit on. Tyler asks to get a picture down there and it takes ALOT of persuading  to get me and my brand new sandals down in the mud (again sorry Ty!! Thanks for still proposing). Once we did get down there Tyler got his drone out to take a picture of us on the log.  We took two pictures, then he pointed at something on the ground and said “Whats that?” and when I turned back around he was on one knee.  I couldn’t even spit out words, all I did was shake my head yes and cry happy tears.

After a few minutes of standing there in disbelief Tyler then tells me we have dinner reservations to make it back for. As we both look around, we realize we are halfway around the lake from where we parked. We now have to hurry back to the car so we can make it to dinner to celebrate! We finally make it back to the car and get to share the good news by calling our parents and you know how the rest of the story goes…… They lived happily ever after!

Check back soon for more stories of our wedding planning adventures!


With Love,

The Future Gniadeks



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