From the inside out: Taking care of you first

What do you think of when you think of health and wellness? A pyramid scheme trying to sell you some amazing fat loss supplements? Some Fad workout program? Maybe a yogi in the middle of the mountains? To me, health and wellness is not just about how you look on the outside. Its not just about how you can lose weight the quickest or what little you can eat on some fad diet. Its about the total package! Mind, Body, and Soul. Now don’t go thinking i’m all crazy hippie just yet, let me explain to you what I mean.

If you are focusing on just how you look, will you really be happy on the inside? Maybe, but is that sustainable? Odds are you will be miserable on some fad diet that as soon as you step away from, you will gain all of the weight back and you begin the vicious cycle that is dieting. What I focus on is the total solution! Nutrition guidance, workouts, and personal development.

Throughout this section you will find all things wellness. Recipes…. got em!  Workouts…I have access to the Netflix of workouts. Reading suggestions…..Work ins are just as important as work outs! Best nap enhancers…..You bet! This section will be all about how you can take care of yourself on the outside and especially on the inside!

Lets embark on this journey together. I hope to inspire you to take care of the wonderful creation you are. 

Until Next Time,




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