3 activities to do on a daily basis to improve your quality of life

Hey Y’ALL!! Welcome back to the Gnomadek Gniadeks and thanks for joining us! Talking about health and wellness can be challenging because everyone is so uniquely different and their mind and bodies are as well. Today we are going to tackle that challenge and I guarantee this will not be the last time! I have recently taken the leap of faith to be a health and wellness coach and Tyler is a strength and conditioning coach in the MLB (Major League Baseball). Fitness is not new to either one of us and clearly one of us has always loved it or it wouldn’t be his job, but that isn’t the case for all of us.  I was “forced” …I say that like it wasn’t my choice but growing up I was a gymnast that trained over 30 hours a week. That burned me out for a very long time after I retired, not to mention the overwhelming and unrealistic expectation of what my body was supposed to look like. I never religiously lifted weights in gymnastics so showing up to a public gym I was terrified to look like an idiot who had no idea what they were doing. At this point I would just go do some abs, maybe run for 15 minutes (because lets be honest, running for me is MISERABLE) and leave. Then came pageant time and the pressure was back on to look and workout a certain way. I never found something sustainable that I loved doing day in and day out.  UNTIL… what you are about to read below.

Why is it that when most people think of getting in shape they only think about what gym they are going to become a member of? Why is nutrition rarely included? Personal Development? AND can you not get a good workout at home without the judgement of others? Very rarely will you find someone who understands the total solution from the very beginning (unless it’s your job). Even though this is Tyler’s job and he would preach it to me, my answer was always “Yeah that works for professional athletes but what about me?” I never really believed him until I made the conscious decision that it was time to change my life and help others do the same. Now, I want to add a disclaimer to all of this! What you will read below is just what I did to change my life. Find what works best for you! Ok, continue reading…



Personal Development

How did I change my life and how am I helping others do the same? By simply believing I can, and knowing the program. My mantra growing up was always “Want me to do something? Tell me I cant” Telling me I will never be good enough will always push me to prove you wrong. Who are you to tell me I will never be anything? I am in charge of my life! (See post for background on breaking free from that mindset.) To prove that I was good enough, I work on myself first and foremost. Now, I understand that may seem a little backwards because I want to be helping others, but I have to be selfish and focus on me? YES!!! Be the proof that these programs work, Be the proof that these products work, and be the proof that by working on you, you become a better person and can help others just by being you!


I started researching, stalking people on Instagram (don’t judge because we all know you do it too), and looking for workout programs that really worked that I could do from home. I didn’t want DVDs that I had to keep track of but I wanted something that was a video workout.

One of my friends who I competed with at Miss Texas had been posting about this program that she did from home every morning or whenever she had time. First box checked for me! Then I started following closer and she started posting transformation pictures and I was sold. I knew that I could put in the work, I knew that maybe nutrition wasn’t my thing but I had Tyler to help and I knew that I could do this!!

I reached out to her and got signed up with Beachbody on Demand. She talked me through which program would be good for me to start with and what their nutrition plans included. WAIT WHAT? This program helps with nutrition too? YES IT DOES! I will get into that in a later section but this is when my journey started.

I signed up with the BARRE BLEND challenge pack. It included access to the Barre Blend Program, over $8,000 worth of other workout programs for a whole year, and a month of Shakeology as well as a challenge group filled with the most encouraging people to support me along the way. I have loved the barre classes that I tried in the past, and they got me in such great shape, but they are so dang expensive!! This was a great option for me because it was so much more affordable. I get access to Barre whenever I want plus other workouts that Tyler and I have done together and its all for the cost of about 2 months of a barre studio. WINS ALL AROUND!

If Barre isnt for you, there is HIIT (high intensity interval training) , Postpartum, Yoga, Dance, Boxing, and so many others! This really is the best option (in my opinion) for a variety of workouts that you can access from anywhere. Computer, stream it on your TV, your phone, download it for when your on vacation, there are endless options!


Like I said earlier in this post, nutrition is not my thing! I don’t like anything green (except green beans) and I had no idea where to start. When I heard about Shakeology, I knew it was a good option for me, because all of my nutrients that I needed were packed in one place and I could mix it into anything! Taking care of ourselves should be a daily priority and when it came to nutrition I was not taking care of myself. I have tried the whole eating less thing just to lose weight but sometimes, this creates the opposite effect. You are not getting all the nutrients you need to fuel your body and create that muscle you are trying to build. Beachbody has so many nutrition plans and ways to help you with getting your nutrition back on track!

What is Shakeology?

Shakeology is a superfood protein shake with globally harvested ingredients
with phytonutrients, antioxidants, enzymes, pre- and probiotics, fiber,
adaptogens, vitamins, and minerals. The philosophy is to combine hard-to come-by superfood ingredients that are as close to their natural, whole-food state as possible to help maximize nutrition while making it convenient. Shakeology nourishes your body with the nutrients it needs and craves. It can help benefit overall health–such as to help provide healthy energy, curb cravings, and support regularity. Plus, it can help you lose weight! Getting into the habit of drinking Shakeology daily is key to Beachbody’s holistic approach of fitness, nutrition, and support—which helps you get results! Now obviously everyones results very but you can feel confident knowing you are getting the nutrients you need all in one place!



So many times, we think the journey to getting healthy is purely physical but in reality, that couldn’t be further from the truth! Your mind needs just as much training as your body to get in shape and let you live a happier and healthier life. No matter what that looks like for you, do it! You like coloring, DO IT! Do you want to take a hot bath with Epsom salts, DO IT! Do you want to read about how to grow your business? DO IT! Journaling, DO IT! No matter what it may be we need to work IN as much as we work out! Below I have listed some of the best Personal Development books that I would suggest to someone who is trying to train their brain.

Rec Reading

Personal Development

Girl Stop Apologizing- Rachel Hollis

You Are A Badass- Jen Sincero

The Compound Effect- Darren Hardy

No Excuses- Brian Tracy

Change Your Mind, Change Your Life- Brian Tracy

Unlimited- Jillinan Michaels

Beautiful You- Rosie Molinary

Obviously there are so many more out there than this, so if you find one that works for you, GREAT!!!!

No results are guaranteed. No results will just magically happen until you decide to put in the work and change your life. Focus on you and your journey and it will help you make an impact on others. Live a happier, healthier, more fulfilling life just by doing these 3 simple activities on a regular basis.



Personal Development

Release the fear of judgement of others, find your passion from within, and simply say “yes”. Yes to a new committed you!




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